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Charter Dorado from 09:00 to 15:00 for €500 euros, or €60 for individual bookings. The price includes lunch, drinks, and transport from and to your hotel.

From 15:00 to 20:00 a charter is just €400 and just €50 for individuals and includes drinks and transport from and to your hotel

Join Dorado for a great sport fishing experience and you might make the catch of your life!

Contact us by email or call Kevin on +34 664 089 501 or Roberto on ++34 658 419 780

Charter Dorado and join the winning team!


We Specialise In Private Fishing Charters

We offer a range of sport fishing charters and will advise you about the best seasonal opportunities to enjoy the various types of big game fishing available.


Paul stand-up trolling During March and April you can fish for several species of Tuna including Blue Fin Tuna, Big Eye Tuna, Yellow Fin Tuna and Albacore. They can be caught by trolling wth lures or by a chumming method. Multiple strikes are a common occurence.

April sees the arrival of the billfish and fishing for Blue Marlin, Spearfish and White Marlin continues through to October. Tuna caught trolling off in 2007 Throughout this period you can also fish for Dorado (Mahi Mahi), Wahoo and Bonito. The Blue Marlin caught range from 200 kilos (500lbs) upwards, some exceeding 500K/1,000lbs.

Many world records for tuna and spearfish are made by anglers fishing off Gran Canaria. An all line class record for spearfish is held by Paul Cashmore from England for a fish caught in the waters of Gran Canaria.

Blue Marlin on video


Are you fit enough to meet the challenge and reap the rewards of five or six hours of intense speed fishing? Jigging for hard-fighting Amberjack, Sama and Sierra (tuna) is available all year round.
David's Amberjack catchSama
Amberjack of up to 60 kilos (150lbs) have been caught on our jigging trips, so be prepared to test your endurance!


Escola/OilfishA new concept in fishing for Oilfish (Escola). Test your mettle against one of the hardest-fighting fish you will ever encounter, which have even been known to bite through metal jigs!

Oilfish/EscolaChumming throughout the evening brings this species up from the depths. With bait or jigs you'll need to hang on to your rod as these fish fight to the bitter end.

Are you up to it? Find out by chartering a night fishing trip! They're available most of the year.


Luke's RayFrom October to March or April we have excellent world-record size Ray fishing. Varieties of Rays caught, many exceeding 160 kilos (350lbs), include Sting Ray, Eagle Ray, BlondeThresher Shark and Black Rays, Painted Butterfly Ray and Skate.

While bottom fishing you may also also catch Tope (many varieties), Monkfish (Angel Shark), Bream and sharks such as Hammerhead, Thresher Shark, Mako and Blue Shark.

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